The VADHA FEDERATION came to be to safeguard this rare art, and to keep Vadha in it's  original form for our children and students.  It is our goal to make sure that any student of the martial arts who seeks out an instructor for  Vadha lessons will get just that - VADHA lessons.  Toward that end, all Vadha instructors (and assistant instructors) must be sanctioned by the VADHA FEDERATION

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"The Constitution of The Vadha Federation"

CONSTITUTION OF VADHA, being also known as the Constitution of the Vadha Federation

We, practitioners and Masters of the ancient martial art of Vadha, by the authority of the sole Mayha (Maha) Ustaad (Ultimate Master) in the Western Hemisphere do establish this CONSTITUTION OF VADHA, to promote and safeguard the integrity of this most rare and splendid art for ourselves and our posterity.

Article I - Name

The name of this organization shall be The Vadha Federation.

From The Vadha Code of the Vadha Federation